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Implementing the Value Chain-Based GHG Emissions Assessment for Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam proposed several challenging and seemingly competing goals for Vietnam’s agriculture sector, namely a 20% increase in production, a 20% decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a 20% reduction in rural poverty by 2020. For its part in this ambitious program, Global Development Solutions applied its proprietary integrated value chain analysis methodology (IVCA) to identify constraints along value chains of two key crops, rice and tea, to help define optimal intervention points and activities to increase production. At the same time, GDS transposed onto the IVCA an additional tool to measure GHG emissions along the same value chain. This process provided insights into the relationship between output maximization and GHG emissions to help define optimal intervention approaches that minimize GHG emissions while maximizing the potential yield rate for both rice and tea. Data was collected through field interviews at every point along the value chain. This method of primary research, combined with robust, proprietary analytical tools, ensures that the results are relevant to the unique needs of Vietnam and that future research can be scaled to build upon the pilot study. The full study is available by clicking here.