Sample Projects: Europe / Central Asia

Long Term Sustainable Gains in Public Procurement for the Government of Kaliningrad Oblast

In the Oblast of Kaliningrad, Russia, Global Development Solutions addressed the implementation of the public procurement law (PPL) of the Russian Federation. The objective of the assignment was to determine options to improve procurement processes through implementation within the PPL as it applied to both the Oblast regional level and to municipal procurement as well. Once identified, improvements were qualified in terms of short term implications and long term impact, and as well included the general actions necessary for implementation.

Armed with expertise on the Russian PPL, GDS not only uncovered areas in which procurement can be improved but the results also included a thorough analysis of the PPL itself. The two sets of recommendations were delivered to the client at an opportune time. Coincidentally, after Global Development Solutions had recognized numerous flaws in the Russian PPL, Russian President Medvedev went on record stating the Law was in need of significant revisions.

SME Equity Fund: Strategic Outsourcing as a Mechanism for SME Development

The financial market in Kazakhstan’s Karaganda Oblast faced a void for meeting the capital requirements of SMEs for projects requiring $250,000 - $1,000,000 in investment capital. Concurrently, a major steel producer faced the challenge of reducing its production cost structure. In this context, Global Development Solutions designed and successfully implemented an SME development fund targeted towards stimulating SME sector growth in Karaganda Oblast, with a special focus on developing and improving local sourcing by the steel producer. The fund resulted in the formation of a commercially sustainable market opportunity for SMEs and stimulated the creation of new job opportunities, as well as fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.

Factors Inhibiting Growth and Competitiveness of Value Added Industries in Kyrgyzstan: A Value Chain Analysis of Strategic Industries

The three industries analyzed were 1) cotton-to-textiles, 2) sheep farming and wool products, and 3) dairy and dairy products. In the dairy sector, the IVCA showed that poor availability and high cost of animal feed for large commercial dairy farms icombined with administrative barriers imposed by the road police on small dairy farmers are undermining the competitiveness of dairy based products. At the processing level, shallow management skills, fragmented production, the absence of market cohesion and structure, weak or often non-existent enterprise support infrastructure (e.g. distribution, freight transport, and warehousing), an underdeveloped packaging industry, and lack of access to market information and marketing services have thwarted market potential and growth opportunities for local enterprises.