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Integrated Value Chain Analyses of Strategic Sectors in Pakistan

Global Development Solutions identified key issues and provided detailed channel mapping of critical competitiveness inhibitors in the cotton-to-garment, dairy, and automotive parts industries, as well as in the marble (mining and processing), shrimp and apple processing sectors. In the jeans manufacturing sector, for example, insufficient in-house design capabilities and lack of skilled workers to implement new manufacturing techniques were hindering the sector’s ability to move up-market to higher value-added jeans. The lack of training and skills adversely affected productivity levels of the small and medium scale jeans makers.

Other issues identified were:
  • Production losses: Excessive production losses (e.g. up to 20% in the dairy sector due to improper chilling).
  • Water: Poor water quality is responsible for a significant portion of wastage in the shrimp and dairy sectors.
  • Training, skills and knowledge: Inadequate investment in labor skills is a recurring issue in all sectors studied.
  • Debilitating duty valuations: Government fees, including duties and other import charges, increase the cost of importing raw material by 7.6% in some segments of the automotive value chain.
For a small-to-medium size (up to 200 employees) garment manufacturer, the delivered price of a standard 12oz pair of jeans is US$4.17. While this price is lower than that of large scale exporters, this jeans type cannot be sold to specialized clothing outlets but are instead sold to large retailers like Wal-Mart that attract price sensitive rather than fashion conscious clients. As compared to up-market jeans that can be sold to international buyers for up to US$8 to US$10 per pair, the standard jeans sold by the small to medium jeans manufacturers fetch a maximum of US$4.5 to US$5 per pair. In contrast to large scale jeans producers, the value addition structure of small-to-medium companies is skewed towards higher share of labor in all the important processes such as sewing/assembly and washing.