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Morocco Agriculture Sector Programmatic Study: Value Chain Analysis for Citrus and Olive Oil

In support of the Morocco - Agriculture Sector Programmatic Study, Global Development Solutions conducted a rapid value chain analysis of the citrus and olive sectors, with fresh oranges and olive oil as indicative products, to improve the understating of supply chain dynamics and market linkages.  The study, which focused on activities on-farm and grower-to-processor, looked to identify opportunities to improve marketing participation and income in lagging regions, particularly for small-scale growers and SME processors, with an emphasis on women and youth.  

For the analysis, GDS created detailed supply chain maps for the citrus and olive sectors; analyzed the value chains for independent and cooperative growers, citrus packhouses, and olive oil processors; quantified sector employment, disaggregated for gender and youth; and analyzed the effects of weather variability and climate change on sector yields, harvest timing, employment, water cost and availability, export ability, and adaptive measures.

Based on these analyses, GDS proposed specific interventions for each sector to:
•    Improve grower profitability;
•    Improve quality and quantity through enhanced farm management practices;
•    Improve ability to cope with weather variability and climate change;
•    Increase sector employment overall and for women and youth, via increased production and processing and support industries;
•    Increase engagement and interest of youth in sector;
•    Strengthen formal market linkages and improve income stability for growers;
•    Introduce policy to fill gaps in supply chain; and
•    Ensure sector sustainability and ability to meet targets for export and domestic consumption.